Virus Removal
If your machine is infected with a virus it can cause all sorts of problems. Tech in the Burbs can help you decide what action is best for your infected machine and then immediately take action to get your issue resolved.
What Virus Removal Services are Offered?
Silver Technology Consultants offers a wide range of virus removal services
On-Site Rootkit Removal
Rootkits are a new type of virus that can invade your entire operating system, rooting system files. If you have you have a rootkit installed on your computer, have an expert remove it for you.
Unwanted Program Removal
Many junkware or bloatware programs are considered Possibly Unwanted Programs and are not caught by many virus programs. If you need junkware removed, please reach out. We would be happy to help.
Elimination of Pop-ups
Pop-ups on your computer are not annoying, but they are also a sign of worse problems. Have your Pop-ups removed by Silver Technology Consultants so that you can browse the web safely.
Recovery of Operating System Files
If your computer has been attacked by a virus, it can leave your computer's operating system missing important files and not running properly or crashing. Have an expert repair your operating to get things back in order.
Computer Startup Repair
If your computer is not starting, then talk to Silver Technology Consultants to have it repaired. We have been fixing computers that won't start since 1990's!
Adware Removal
Adware is much like other types of junk software. Many times you are prompted with an ad to install more junk software on your computer. If you would like your adware software removed, then reach out to Silver Technology Consultants.
Spyware Removal
Spyware is one of the worst! Once spyware is installed on your computer, spies have the ability to gather data about your usage to use in phishing attempts or to steal your identity. If you want your spyware removed, please reach out.
Anti-Virus Software Installation
Having a protected system is important if you want to keep virus and other junk software at bay. Silver Tech can help by installing anti-virus software for you.
Ransomware Removal
If you have Ransomware, Silver Tech can help by retrieving files and re-installing your operating system and programs, plus help you stay protected from ransomware in the future.